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Landscape of Sea water green tea bath

Green tea helps to prevent hypertension and arteriosclerosis by reducing cholesterol within human body and discharge heavy metals and organic mercury from human body using tannin and also to remove halitosis and protect mouth even making hair smooth and glossy and removing dead skin cells using lukewarm water.

Landscape of Sea water green tea bath Seawater helps to prevent stomach disorder, women's diseases and skin troubles by expediting secretion of hormone and it is also very effective to treat modern diseases and arthritis by expediting secretion of bodily waste within human body. Moreover seawater has special effect for diet expediting secretion of sweat and fatigue recovery through air oxidation prevention from vitamin C.

Especially, according to an outsourcing research, 'Water quality survey and analysis for Yulpo seawater and seawater green tea bath and basic plan to use it" by an university-Industry cooperation with Korea institute of management evaluation and Dongshin University, underground seawater (original seawater) at Yulpo is proved to have high affinity with human skin as it contains almost 10 times more kalium (K) and magnesium (Mg) compared with seawater at other locations.

Moreover, seawater at Yulpo is reported to be very effective for preventive treatment against atopic dermatitis. First of all, underground seawater at Yulpo is very clean enough to be eatable after removal of salt as any harmful or toxic substance is not detected and seawater green tea is proved to be more effective for skin re-generation than underground seawater as efficacy evaluation.

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