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About Seawater green tea bath
About Seawater green tea bath > Overview
Landscape of Sea water green tea bath

Yulpo seawater green tea bath is very rarely known spot among very popular places in Boseong which is a hometown of best tea in Korea. Yulpo seawater green bath has been beloved by numerous tourists nationwide. Especially people can enjoy healthy bath using underground seawater lifted from underground 120M of seawater and green water brewed from tea leaves produced by tea gardens in Boseong-Gun which is main producing district of tea and they can also enjoy landscape with white sand and pine trees and atmosphere of small and several islands of South Sea.

Admission fee






4,000 Won

Over age of 3 and less than age of 7

Children and Adult

6,000 Won

Over age of 7

Senior priority

4,000 Won

Over age of 65



3,000 Won

Over 20 people

Children and Adult

5,000 Won

People of national merit

Disabled person


3,000 Won

Available only with Certificate for national merit.
Disabled people

Children and Adult

4,000 Won

Monthly ticket

New ticket

120,000 Won

30 sheet

Old ticket

100,000 Won

A month only

Available time : 06:00 ~ 20:00 / 365 days a year
Facilities : oversea hot bath for men and women, oversea cold bath, green tea bath, barley stone sauna, simultaneously affordable customers: 450 people



Uam-gil 24 (Dongyul-ri 678), Hoecheon-myeon, Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea


061-853-4566, 850-5566


Bus :
Gwangju→Boseong 06:10~21:40 (every 30 minute, 10 times of heading to Yulpo)
Get off at Boseong terminal and get on the bus heading to Yulpo

Train :
Seoul - Moogoongwha 1 time, Gwangju - Moogoongwha 4 times, Suncheon - Moogoongwha 5 times
Get off at Boseong station (Opposite to railroad bridge) and get on the bus in terminal heading to Yulpo

Farm village bus (within local province)
Boseong → Yulpo 06:00~20:30 (running 22 times: every 40 minutes)
Yulpo → Boseong 05:20~21:05 (running 21 times per a day: every 45 minute)

Automobile :
approximately 15 km drive to Yulpo Pine Tree field coast following National Road No. 18 from Boseong Eup

Popularity and related tourism spots

Seawater and green tea :
The best tea garden and very popular for 120 m underground seawater nationwide
Related tourism spots :
Yulpo Pine Tree Field coast → Boseong tea field → Korea Tea Museum → Dinosaur Egg Fossil → Taebacksan literature Center → Seojaephil Anniversary Park → Daewon Temple


Special products :
Boseong Green tea, Miryeuk Pottery, Beolgyo Jinggwang Pottery
Local food : dotted gizzard shad raw fish, Gangha Liquor, webfoot octopus and Donbaejut

Uam-gil 24 (Dongyul-ri 678), Hoecheon-myeon, Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea. Telephone : 061-853-4566